Nederinum was founded in Amsterdam in 1920 by the Van Lochem family as a wholesaler in luggage and dog leads with a small assortment of equestrian products on the side.

After unexpected growth of the equestrian market a full assortment soon became available—a  good business decision, as Nederinum flourished over the years and established itself as a renowned quality supplier in the Netherlands.

With its innovative product development under the brand name Imperial Riding, Nederinum’s three generations of family entrepreneurship have resulted in a high standard of quality products and customer service.

In 2012, Nederinum became an independent subdivision of the Hypo Group, allowing for new expansion and entrance into the global market.

Our mission continues to be to provide equestrians with the best possible tack and equipment through our strength of bringing a fashionable touch to everyone’s riding wardrobe.

Imperial Riding Holland B.V.

Rijn 12

2491 BG The Hague

The Netherlands

T: +31 20 407 44 45

F: +31 20 407 44 48